Dramatic Much? This Cat is Too Much

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all…you probably haven’t met the most dramatic cat of all times!

Dramatic Much? This Cat is Too Much

There always seems to be some kind of video pop up on the web here and there that showcase how cats just have so much personality. (and honestly…I’ll watch each and every one of them every. single. time.)

And what is it about cats being dramatic that draws us in time and time again? Is it the fact that they have a personality that often mimics the way that we want to act? Possibly. Maybe it’s just because we find them so interesting that we want to watch their every move.

Whatever the reason, it’s no lie that cat’s love to entertain. And as long as we keep finding them funny and interesting, I have a feeling we will never run out of material to watch!

So, stop whatever you’re going and take the time to watch this dramatic cat video. And then save it for later to watch again, and again! (You know it’s not possible to get tired of watching cat videos, right?

Adorable, isn’t it? How this cat knew to just “fall” over is beyond me but it makes my heart happy all the same!

Do you have a favorite cat video that you just can’t stop laughing about?





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