How to Become a Cat Foster

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Wondering how to become a cat foster? It’s such a wonderful and rewarding experience that you should really consider doing!

Have you always wanted to have a cat of your very own, but never knew exactly what type of commitment that truly meant? If that’s the case, becoming a cat foster may be exactly what you are looking for! Not only will you get to meet with and interact with other amazing volunteers, but you’ll have the opportunity to give a safe home and hope to kittens and cats each and every day.

Fostering cats is such a rewarding experience because you are truly helping them! By providing them with food, shelter and sometimes even the medicine that they need, you help them live. If you have been contemplating on whether or not you want to become a cat foster, here is how you can make it a reality and some reasons you should consider doing so!

how to foster a cat

How to Become a Cat Foster

Becoming a cat foster isn’t overly difficult! If you want it to happen, here are the steps to consider taking.

  • Contact the local shelters in your area and see if they offer a foster program.

You may be surprised to find out that many of the shelters in your area offer some type of foster program. While each one will vary depending on the requirements, it’s a good idea to check out and research the ones that fit best with you and your lifestyle.

Typically, to become a foster, you’ll have to fill out paperwork and apply. Once they verify that you are who you say you are and that you live in a house/home that actually allows pets, your approval will allow them to start contacting you when they have a cat that needs to be fostered for a short while.

  • Understand that being approved as a foster doesn’t always mean that there are cats available.

Sometimes, there aren’t cats to be fostered. Other times, there are a ton. Typically, the summer months are a very busy time for cats to need foster homes as are times that cats are starting to get sick at the shelter.

Part of being a foster parent for cats means that you may have a cat that needs to have medicine given to them throughout the day. If a cat has a cold or other illness, or there is an illness going around the shelter, they may try to place healthy cats in foster homes to keep them healthy or sick cats in foster homes to keep them from getting all the other cats sick.

  • Once you are approved as a foster, you’re a foster until you decide that you no longer want to be.

When fostering cats, this means that you have the right to say “yes” or “no” to taking a cat into your home. If you prefer to have kittens, then you can decide to only foster kittens. Same goes with adult cats as well. The great part about being a foster is that you are helping cats and kitties get love and care that they need!

  • Be prepared to suddenly own a cat or two!

But beware…there is such a thing that is known as a “foster fail”. This is quite common in the cat fostering community and basically what it means is that you fostered a cat, fell in love with that cat, and suddenly are the proud new parent of that cat because you adopted it. Hence, foster fail.

However, if failing at fostering means that you get to own your own adorable cat that you bonded with and fell in love with, then I’d be okay failing at that each and every time!

Fostering cats is such a great way to give them love and comfort during their time of need and transition. If you have space and ability to foster, why not try to welcome a furry feline or two into your home?

Have you ever considered being a cat foster?

how to foster a cat


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