How To Keep Cats Out Of Flower Beds With These Easy Tricks

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Whether it is your cat or a stray creeping into your flower beds, it could be giving you a bit of a problem. Cats might be using your beautiful flower bed as a litter box, which is unsanitary, especially if you are working towards growing fresh fruits and vegetables. A cat tramping around your flower or garden beds can also be destructive for your plants, and unsafe if you are growing plants that are toxic to cats. Here are some easy tips on how to keep cats out of flower beds for good.

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 I will share a variety of tips and tricks to help keep any cat, yours or a stray, away from your beautiful garden. Nothing is worse than spending a day working in your garden to find all your hard work ruined or dug up. So follow these simple tips below to help keep cats away for good.

Some stray cats or even your own cats might wander around just out of curiosity. In addition, they see loose soil as a perfect place to go to the restroom. Stray cats are on the hunt for food often, so they might rummage through flower beds. Regardless, cats can really ruin gardens, so try to help keep them out with tips and tricks below.

Non-Chemical Options of How To Keep Cats Out of Flower Beds

#CatCare #CrazyCatLady #GardeningWithCats  how to keep cats out of flower beds

Chicken Wire

Simply lay down some chicken wire on top of your soil or mulch. This is good because cats don’t like to walk on the chicken wire and they will stay out of your garden or flower beds. Now, this takes time as you have to make sure your plants are put in after you lay out the chicken wire so the root system and leaves fit through the smaller holes. Or use wire cutters and cut out a circular pattern around each plant if they are already bigger.

Motion Activated Sprinklers

This not only works for cats but any other animals that come lurking. Set up motion-activated sprinklers that offer a high burst of water when they sense movement. This is not harmful to the animals, just startles them and they run off.

Ultrasonic Repellers

You can buy devices that emit ultrasonic noises that can be heard by cats and turns them away. We can’t hear it as humans but cats can and they will steer clear. Make sure to read how much radius each device covers. If you have a large garden or flower bed, you might need multiple devices.


Just buying the right kind of mulch can keep cats away. Look for items that have a sharper edge to them like pine cones, egg shells, stones or rocks. These are not pleasant for your cat to step on and this may deter them.

Scents To Keep Them Away

Most cats don’t care for scents like lemon, citronella, orange, eucalyptus, and more. Try to find some scents to keep your cats away. You can plant lemongrass, eucalyptus plants, and even mix essential oils and spray around your garden. Experiment to see if you can find success with these.

Cat-Friendly Area

Don’t want to get rid of the cats all the way? Consider making a cat oasis in another part of your yard. Have loose sand catnip, and more to entice your cat to come visit. This will help give them a place to come back and visit on occasion. You might have to clean up from time to time but it will keep them out of your garden.

Have you found other tips on how to keep cats out of flower beds that you would like to share?


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