Most Popular Yellow Cat Names To Consider For Your New Cat

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One unique way many cat owners pick a name for their cat is based on the color of their fur. If you have a yellow cat, these names below might be a perfect fit for your unique cat. I am a huge fan of deep orange and light yellow cats. There is something so unique about their coats that is captivating. I have a nice size list below full of yellow cat names you might consider.

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Do Cats Know Their Name?

Yes! Cats can hear their name and respond. They also can get used to their owner’s voice and tone and respond or even know if they are in trouble by the tone you use. So the next time you chime in to say your cat’s name and you get no response from them, you know he is just ignoring you.

Coming Up With Clever Names

Think out of the box if you want a really clever name. Maybe you love sipping on a mimosa at the end of the day, that could be a fun name. Or do you have a favorite tv character or superhero that would sound cool? Think about names from shows you watch or characters you read in books. You can even look in your kitchen at food names, or states on a map. Picking a name is fun, so relax and know the perfect name will come to you in time!

67 Yellow Cat Names

#CrazyCatLady #CatNames #YellowCats yellow cat names


  1. Apricot
  2. Alani (Hawaiian name for orange blossom)
  3. Amber
  4. Apple
  5. Autumn
  6. Blaze
  7. Butterscotch
  8. Callie
  9. Cheddar
  10. Chester
  11. Cayenne
  12. Chili
  13. Copper
  14. Charlie
  15. Cooper
  16. Cleo
  17. Cinnamon
  18. Curry
  19. Creamsicle
  20. Dollie
  21. Dandelion
  22. Dempsey
  23. Dexter
  24. Daisy
  25. Flame
  26. Fry
  27. Fiona
  28. Ginger
  29. Garfield
  30. Gigi
  31. Goldie
  32. Loki
  33. Leo
  34. Marmalade
  35. Mango
  36. Maple
  37. Marley
  38. Mimi
  39. Minnie
  40. Milo
  41. Mila
  42. Nala
  43. Orange
  44. Oj
  45. Opie
  46. Oliver
  47. Ollie
  48. Oscar
  49. Pumpkin
  50. Phoebe
  51. Peaches
  52. Peanut
  53. Puffytail
  54. Sandy
  55. Simba
  56. Sinbad
  57. Sunkiss
  58. Starburst
  59. Starsky
  60. Sunshine
  61. Tabasco
  62. Tang
  63. Tangerine
  64. Tiger
  65. Tigger
  66. Tiger Lily
  67. Winnie

What is your yellow cat’s name?

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