5 Must Have Cat Apps That Cat Owners Should Download Today

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If you have a cat here are some must-have cat apps that every cat owner should have on their phone! From apps to connect with other cat lovers just like you, or having pet first aid on hand. These apps will swoop in to save the day and help pass the time away. I will even share my favorite app to help take the perfect picture of your furry feline. You guys will go bonkers over these awesome and useful cat apps below. #CrazyCatLady #CatApp #CatLover cat apps

The 5 Best Cat Apps To Download For Cat Owners

In your app store just search the names of these apps. Depending on whether you use iOS or Google Play some of these apps might not be available for both. A lot of times you might find a different version that is user-friendly to your phone brand. I hope you all enjoy these apps as I have and many other cat lovers!

#CrazyCatLady #CatApp #CatLover cat apps


Catbook is a community for all cat owners. You can connect with another cat lovers and share information on your cat, tips, tricks, and even photos. There are over 1 million cat lovers a part of this app. It is a great social app to feel like you fit in being a cat lover.

Pet First Aid

I am the person who always thinks ahead. If my cat was showing a sign of sickness I would want to know what to do. Having a Pet First Aid app on hand can really help save the day. What to do with bite wounds, toxic chemicals, finding the closest vet to your GPS, and more. This is a very handy app to have on your phone.

Pet Phone

Keep track of your pet’s upcoming appointments for the vet, haircut, medications, etc. This is a very awesome app to have on hand if you tend to forget here and there. Keep track of your cat’s birthday, weight, and more so that if your cat were to go missing or you needed information to give to your vet, you have it handy. You can import multiple pets, which is great for a pet owner that has a handful of animals to keep track of.

Snap Pets

This Snap Pets app offers unique noises you can play while you try to snap a picture of your cat or even dog. It will help draw in their attention so you can get that full face photo you are hoping for.


This app is meant for humans but it works just as good for cats. DoseCast app is a great app if you have to give your cat medication. Set alarms so that you don’t miss a dose. A good one to download to have on hand if your cat gets sick or to have for those cats who are on continuous medications that you give each day. It will keep bothering you with alerts until you turn it off which signals you gave your cat medication.

What is your favorite cat app you have on your phone that you recommend?

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