What You Need To Know About Kidney Stones In Cats

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Did you know that kidney stones in cats are common and something you should know about? Your cat’s kidneys are what clean and filter the blood and create urine.  Little hard deposits develop which create a stone that your cat might struggle to pass on their own. Will your cat showcase symptoms, are their treatments at home? Find out in this post so that you know what to expect. #CatKidneyStones #CrazyCatLady #CatCare kidney stones in cats

What Causes Kidney Stones In Cats?

First, let’s start with what truly causes a kidney stone in a cat. It is not always known exactly what causes a kidney stone in your cat, but one factor could be their diet. Some cats are just predisposed to developing kidney stones over time. While others might develop stones from dietary items. Either way, they are not fun. You definitely know this if you have ever had one yourself! Let me just say, they are pretty painful!

 Are There Symptoms Your Cat Will Showcase?

#CatKidneyStones #CrazyCatLady #CatCare kidney stones in cats

Surprisingly enough often there are few real symptoms we can see as owners from the outside. Sometimes a cat might act like they are in pain when they urinate or you will see blood in their urine. Those are the only real symptoms you might see. They can’t tell you they are hurting. Some generic symptoms might be:

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Acts in Pain When You Pet Stomach
  • Fever
  • Lethargy

To be diagnosed with a kidney stone most vets will do an x-ray or ultrasound, where they will be able to see if your cat has stones.  This is one of those diagnoses that needs a vet to make sure they have a stone and then follow up with treatment.

How to Treat Kidney Stones In Cats

With dogs, they can use a treatment of surgery but for cats being so much smaller it is not really recommended. Most of the time with a change in the diet they can get the stones to dissolve on their own. Now during this, your vet might want to keep a close eye on your cat’s kidney function. This is something that they will watch to ensure this stone doesn’t go from a little problem to a bigger one.

Unlike humans, kidney stones in cats are not as harsh on their bodies. No major surgery will probably be needed and with slight adjustments to their diet, it should dissolve on their own. It is important to watch for little symptoms so that if your cat does have a stone you catch it early and get it dissolving so it doesn’t create a large issue for your feline.

Has your cat ever had a kidney stone?

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