Important Pet Boarding Tips for Cats For When You Take Trips

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 We actually just had to board our puppy the other day when we went out of town, and it got me thinking. There are some really great pet boarding tips for your cat that you might consider the next time you go out of town. While most pet owners would agree to have to board an animal is never fun and can be quite stressful, it is safest for the pet. So if you are looking for pet boarding guidance for your feline let me help!

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What to Consider For Pet Boarding

Most of the time when we go places we would have family come to check on our cats and dogs. One thing about cats is they are so much less maintenance and work than a dog. They have a litter box, no need to be taken out, they nap more and just are easier all around. But if you are going to be gone for awhile you might begin to consider pet boarding to ensure they get attention, have food and water, etc. Here are some important tips for boarding your cat below.

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #BoardingCats pet boarding

Visit Before You Go

Depending on where you are planning to board your cat, you might be amazed at the amenities. Some pet boarders have playrooms for the animals (separate areas for cats and dogs) and can make your cat feel right at home. Being able to visit ahead of time allows you to see the cleanliness, how the animals are treated and see if it is a good fit for you. We live in a small town so we can only board at the vet. But, I have heard of these extravagant pet boarding stores that your cat may never want to leave.

Plan Ahead

If you live in a larger town, make sure to book boarding for your cat early. When travel season is on the horizon some pet boarders can get full quite fast and leave you with nowhere to send your cat. So plan ahead and schedule a stay well before you know you will be leaving. I recommend 2-3 weeks minimum.


One thing you can generally do is bring your cat’s food with them. This is good so they don’t get a different kind of food that could leave them feeling unwell. Pack enough food that will cover the time they are there plus a little. This is good to do In case you don’t make it home on time and they stay an extra day or two, or in case they spill food or something along those lines.

Bring A Comfort Item

Most of the time they will allow you to bring a small item like an old shirt, blanket, or toy. For really anxious cats having something that has your scent can really help make them feel like you didn’t leave them forever. Just make sure whatever you take has no sentimental value in case it gets lost or ruined while your cat stays.

In the Days Leading Up To Leaving

Make sure to give your cat extra attention in the days following up your departure. This will help your cat to feel that comfort that you love them and they are ok. Cats are really smart so they will pick up on the changes going on around the home. So try and be discreet and shower them with love.

Indoor/outdoor Cat

If your cat goes in and out, it is best to keep your cat indoors the last two days before you leave. If your feline senses you are off they might realize something is wrong and not come home for a few days. You don’t want your cat missing as your supposed to be heading out for your trip. So if possible keep your cat indoors for a couple of days leading up to their boarding stay.

When the Pet Boarding Is Over

As a tip for first time boarding owners, when your cat gets home they might act a little different. They are trying to adjust to being home again. This can range from being extra cuddly, hiding and acting scared, to being really hyper. Depending on your cat and their personality, you might find them a little off for a couple of days.

What tips do you have for pet boarding that you think cat owners should know?

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