Tips for Owning A House Cat To Keep Them Happy

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I think any cat owner will share their personal opinion on which is better, a house cat or outside cat. While each offer pros and cons, I thought it might be helpful to share some ideas on how to keep your house cat happy. Being outside allows your cat to feel and use those natural instincts, but it offers risks as well that maybe you don’t want. There are a handful of ways to keep your cat content, healthy and happy indoors.

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Keeping Your House Cat Content

Growing up we had a mix of cats being inside and some were out. I don’t think my parents loved the idea of a litter box so they let the cats come and go as they pleased. Then when we moved to the country this was the first time we had outdoor cats. One or two would sneak in when they were kittens to see what life was like indoors. We made sure to love them each day, give them treats and protect them from the elements.

Having a cat as a house cat or outside cat is a beautiful thing. You build that bond that lasts forever. If you want to keep your house cat content, check out these options below.

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Cat Garden

You can buy cat gardens online or use cat-friendly plants to make your own cat garden. It helps your cat experience a glimpse of outside life. It’s also a great way to help them in case they get a hairball or need to eat to get sick. Cats love laying in the grass, playing, and even chewing on it. The grass really adds some nutritional value to your cats daily diet. Plus if they have a hairball and can’t get it out the grass helps them get sick easier. I know you don’t want the mess but it is really beneficial to have a small cat garden in your home.


Make sure to take time to play with your cat. Whether they like playing with toys on a string, chasing a laser on the floor, or working for treats as they roll a ball on the floor. Make sure to get in daily play time to keep them mentally stimulated and feeling happy. A bored kitty generally gets into trouble!

Litter Box

Make sure you do a really good job at cleaning the litter box. Cats love a clean area to use the bathroom and if you can keep up on cleaning it will make your cat so happy. If the litter box gets too dirty they will probably go hunt down somewhere else to go.

Cat Tree or Shelf

Having a cat tree by a window or installing a cat shelf is a perfect way to let them get a glimpse of outside. They will love watching birds and other animals playing outdoors. It is a wonderful way to make them happy. Cats love to climb as well so having a designated area like a cat tree is a plus.


An issue house cats struggle with is getting enough sun and vitamin D. Making an area by a window helps them soak up the sun. Or you can even buy cat runs that are enclosed so your cat can safely be outside in an enclosed area and enjoy nature. I just recommend you supervise them.


This one goes without being said but just giving your cat a lot of love and attention helps. It makes them feel absolutely loved and adored.

 I have never noticed a difference in outside cats vs indoor cats. I think as long as you treat them well and shower them with affection they can be happy in either environment.

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