Remembering Your Very First Cat

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I’ll never forget the day that I got my very first cat. It was just kinda one of those things that happened. I wasn’t begging my mom for a cat (surprisingly) nor was owning one even on our radar. It’s almost as if she needed us even more than we knew that we needed her.

From the moment I saw her, I knew she was “the one”. Nothing more than just a giant ball of fluff and green eyes, she literally looked up at me and did her best attempt at a meow. My heart was done.

I scooped her up, and within mere minutes, I was the proud owner of a kitten.

She was literally perfect.


Falling in Love with My Very First Cat

Her name? Gizmo. Her attitude? 100% full force.

Luckily, Gizmo loved me from the first day we met, but her love for men and boys never developed. She choose to spend her time either sitting on my lap, lying with me on my bed or going inside and outside of the house because…well, she could.

I loved never having to worry about her running away. She just wouldn’t. She knew where home was and was always there waiting to be let back inside without any issues.

Truth be told, she was “technically” an outside cat…however, my mom eventually gave up on that because she would find Gizmo snuggled up in bed with me every morning because I would let her in through my bedroom window every night. How could I not? She would literally walk up to my window and just paw away at it. Once I opened it, she would come inside, give me an approving look, and curl up with me in bed all night long.

I’m not gonna lie…I loved it.

Growing Older With a Cat that Ages As Well

As I got older, I realize now that I spend less time petting and playing with her as I should. She was getting older too and that once young “kitten” vibe was wearing off even more as every day passed.

I was lucky enough to have Gizmo for 17 years. That’s an extremely long life for a cat and I know that she had an amazing life full of love and being spoiled.

I actually feel that she taught me several lessons about life at a very young age. Who knew that animals could actually teach and train us?

Life Lessons Learned from My Very First Cat

Gizmo taught me to understand how great it feels to have a pet as a true companion.

She taught me how to relax and just enjoy being in the present.

Gizmo taught me how to take care or something else to watch it thrive and grow.

We can all learn so much from cats!

It’s amazing how a cat can teach us so many different things. Cats are not just “pets” and they are not just animals that are pretty to look at and fun to play with. Cats are actually extremely smart creatures that plan out and think about their actions. (Humans could actually look a lot from their patience and persistence!)

Many people like to think that cats are a bit bossy and unpredictable but I like to think about them as more in control and confident.

I know with 100% certainty that Gizmo was. And I still think about and miss her daily.

What do you remember about the first cat in your life?

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