Tips To Help Slim Down Your Obese Cat And Get Them Healthy

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One struggle cats can face as they age is becoming obese. Or you might find you have a younger cat who really enjoys their food and treats. Let me share some tips to help slim down your obese cat. Those extra pounds on your cat can be harmful to their health. Let’s work at shedding a few pounds and seeing if that can help perk them up and be more playful again.

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Cats are small so every pound really weighs on their body. Making sure to maintain a healthy weight is a must for their joints and health. When you see your cat being less active than normal because of their weight it can be concerning. Nip this before it gets out of hand!

Ways to Help Shed Pounds For An Obese Cat

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Most cats have the choice of free-range feeding. This is where you put food and water out and let them eat whenever they want. The bowl gets empty, you go fill it. This is not natural for a cat, in nature they would be hunting their food. Exercising to find and then striking prey. So when you put food right in front of them it can be hard for a cat to know when to stop.

The solution for this is to feed your feline smaller meals 2-4 times a day. Look at your cat food and follow the guidelines on what they should need for their weight. Because your cat is obese, I would suggest talking with your vet to see how much they recommend. This way you know your cat is getting the nutrients they need but you can also work towards losing weight.

Cat Food

While we are talking food, you really need to exam your cat food. Most of the time cat foods are high carb and minimal protein. A cat in nature survives off protein and eats minimal carbohydrates. Grab the bag of food and see what yours is. You might want to change to a new cat food that offers higher protein and fewer carbs. This will help in weight loss. Your vet might have a suggestion for you.


Who doesn’t love a good treat? One thing some forget is that cat treats add extra calories to your cat’s total calories for the day. If you can’t resist giving your kitty treats read the label. If it contains high carbohydrates you are not helping your cat. Consider cooking up boneless chicken and giving them nibbles of fresh chicken as a treat. It is a protein snack that will not harm them as much as the treat. Look for bagged treats that have a higher protein and lower carbohydrate count. Factor in the carbs or calories into your cat’s overall intake for the day.


Work at getting your obese cat up and moving. Just like humans, getting up and being active can really help shed some unwanted pounds. Buy some new cat toys to pique their interest, get on the floor and play with them. If your cat tolerates if, buy a leash and collar and take your kitty cat for a walk. Do whatever you can to help entice them to get moving.

Guidelines for Your Obese Cat Losing Weight

  • Get your cat looked over by a vet to ensure there are no underlying health issues.
  • Examine the quality and amount of food you are feeding your cat. Your vet can offer suggestions.
  • Cat treats count so don’t free-for-all your treats. Look for higher protein lower carb count.
  • Get up and get active and play with your cat or take them for walks.
  • Weight your cat every 2-4 weeks to adjust food intake as needed or come up with a new plan.

Just remember cats have to eat each day or they can become very sick. Ensuring you help your cat lose weight in a healthy way is imperative.

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