Sometimes A Dog’s Best Friend Is A Cat

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Meet Mamiao and Honey, a dog’s best friend. Mamiao fell in love with Honey at first sight. They have become a viral sensation!

Their Beginnings

Honey was found outside, abandoned with an injured tail. When a human found him outside and brought him into the house, Mamiao was instantly curious in trying to find out more about her soon to be little brother and new best friend.

dog's best friend

Together Forever

These two are never far apart from each other, especially while enjoying their favorite past time together: spooning while taking a nap. As you can see for yourself, they’re both giving their human the stink eye for sneaking up on them snapping a photo. How dare you interrupt our alone time together, dad?

Dog’s Best Friend

Yes, they even take long walks together. Honey wouldn’t have it any other way. Honey looks forward to their walks. Who doesn’t love going on walks with their best friend?

When one of them is sick, the other one is there to look out for them, make sure that they’re being taken care of, and too make sure that neither gets too lonely. Sometimes, they don’t want to make each other feel left out…so if one is wearing a cone, then the other one is too.


But their absolute most favorite thing in doing together? Play time! They can play with each other for hours on end.

Mamiao never plays around with Honey too hard. She knows the limits of her best friend, and understands how much smaller he is. The height difference still doesn’t stop these two from shenanigans!

To keep up with Mamiao and Honey, follow their journey on their Instagram page!

I LOVE kitty love stories! Here’s a great one about a boy and his cat.

Is your cat a dog’s best friend? We would love to hear about it!

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