The Best Cat Toys for Your Cat’s Easter Basket

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Looking for some really great items to spoil your cat? These are the best cat toys for your cat’s Easter basket!

I have created a collection of the best cat toys to stuff in your cat’s Easter basket this year. Easter isn’t just for humans! Pamper your furry feline with fun toys that they will entertain them. We always spoil our pets whether they are cats or dogs. It is just something we like to do. So for any holiday we always search for fun toys or items for our cats and dogs. I thought maybe you might be on the hunt for some fun Easter inspired cat toys as well. Let’s start shopping!

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The Best Cat Toys for Your Cat’s Easter Basket

If you are looking for cute chick stuffed toys, catnip Easter eggs, and more for your cat, I have the best cat toys in store for you. If you have multiple cats you might make little baskets for each cat.  Or just a  create a regular size basket full of goodies for all the cats to share. I love Easter with all the pastels, marshmallows, and bunnies, what isn’t to love?! I hope you enjoy these fun toys as much as I do!

Other Items to Put In Cats Easter Baskets

  • Pretty Collars
  • Cat Treats
  • Personalized Tag
  • New brush
  • New Bed

8 Of The Best Cat Toys For Easter Basket Fillers

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You guys, these marshmallow bunnies are just adorable as can be. They are filled with catnip to help attract your cat. These would be a perfect toy to toss in your basket, and it comes with four.

Another great cat toy is this stuffed bunny, it has some filling and some catnip as well. I love how it mimics the look of a chocolate bunny. Just darling.

Grab a bag of treats to toss in your basket along with this fun treat ball. Just add some treats into the teeth of the ball, and as your cat plays with the ball little treats will fall out for her to enjoy. Just make sure to not put too many treats in at once, so your cat doesn’t overindulge in treats.

This sushi toy for cats was too cute not to share. It is a bunny shape or chicken, but it is fun and different, and I am sure your cat wouldn’t mind batting at it.

If your cat loves fish, they will love this cute fish-shaped toy. This fish toy has tons of awesome reviews and almos5-star rating on Amazon. It is one popular item.

Don’t forget these awesome engaging cat toys!

A tower of tracks toy is always really fun for cats to watch the balls circle the track as they try to capture the balls. I love these, and they are nice to have especially if you are away from home. They can just walk up and paw the balls to get them moving and lure their attention to the toy.

The rainbow cat charmer is fun and colorful and as it glides through the air with the twist of a wrist your cat will be trying to pounce away at it. It has a 5-star rating and is pretty popular. I think it can be just as fun for the owner to twirl it around as it is the cat chasing it.

Let your cat get some exercise with this retractable feather toy. You can get them pouncing, jumping and getting a little work out in as they play. It is retractable so it makes storing this toy a lot more feasible, especially for a smaller home.

What are the best cat toys you have seen for Easter?

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