Tips On How To Find a Lost Cat

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You come home only to find your precious cat is missing. Losing your beloved pet can be devastating, and I am here to help share tips to find a lost cat. We lost one of our cats for 2 full weeks.  When we were finally reunited with her it was one joyous day! Buttons was my kitty and I was so happy to see her come home after a long time away. I know the fear and worry that goes into not knowing where your cat is. I want to help you find a lost cat, and fast.

find a lost cat


Effective Ways to Find a Lost Cat

The one good thing about cats is they seem to know where their home is. It is like a natural instinct and they can travel miles away only to finally make their way back home. If you have an indoor-only cat, most of the time if they get loose, they won’t travel too far. A cat that is indoor/outdoors is more likely to roam farther away, as they are used to being outside.

Preventative Measures

Consider having your cat microchipped at your next vet visit. It is a great way to help find a lost cat. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and it is embedded underneath your cat’s skin, in between the shoulder blades. The microchip stores your contact information so that if your cat gets lost and taken to a shelter or vet, they can scan your cat and call you.   Do make sure with each move and change in your phone number you update your vet.

find a lost cat

Reach Out to Neighbors 

Make sure when your cat goes missing to reach out to your neighbors. Knock on doors and ask if they have seen your cat, look in their yard if they say that is okay. Also, have a picture of your cat handy so they know what your cat looks like and if they see it get ahold of you. This is a great way to find a lost cat since felines don’t normally stray too far from home.

Go Walking In the Neighborhood

Walk around your neighborhood looking for your cat. Ask pedestrians if they have seen a cat wandering around. If you have a picture show them. While you are out searching, call your vet, shelter, and rescue, to see if they had any new cats come in. This is a great time to multi-task so you don’t waste time. Again, the most likely place to find a lost cat is near home.

Food and Water Outdoors 

If your indoor cat escapes, make sure to put food and water outside, along with a strong smelling belonging of yours. They will be able to pick up the scent and identify their home. You can even put out a dirty litter box, I know it sounds gross but it works.

Hiding Spots 

Make sure to look around the edges of your home, under your deck or house, any openings, garages, etc. If your cat gets scared they could have run into a small area to hide.

Posters and Social Media 

If it has been a few hours and no sign of your cat, you might think about making a few flyers to hang on poles in your area. This is a great way for someone to spot your cat and call you. Make sure to include a clear picture, any specific things like the color of collar, name, etc. Then have friends help post them in your town. Leave a call back number and if you want to offer a reward. You can also use the site, TabbyTracker to post a picture of your missing cat for people to view online and keep a lookout in your neighborhood. Get on Facebook or other social media outlets and post a picture and say when your cat was last seen.

Check Old Neighborhood 

If you recently moved, then make sure to check your old neighborhood. Your cat could have ventured off to find their old home, so is worth trying to see if you can find them there. This works best if you are 10-15 miles from your old home. There is a chance they tried to go back home.

Do you have any other tips to find a lost cat?  Tell us about them in the comments!


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