The Best Cat Furniture For Big Or Small Cats

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Keeping cats comfy is one thing all cat owners agree on. We love our furry little felines and we want them to be nice and cozy every day when we are at home and away. I have some of the best cat furniture available for big or small cats! From cat trees to condos I will share a variety of options with you, that might fit your needs and make your cat one happy kitty!

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When we were younger we didn’t have all the neat furniture you can buy today for your cats. My dad would take some wood he didn’t use for a project and find some carpet and secure it on for our cats. It was like he was building his own cat tree, maybe not as pretty as the store-bought ones but it sure did work just the same for our cats. They always enjoyed lounging and we would put it by a window so when the sun shone in, they could feel the warmth coming in. If you have a cat or two and want to give them some extra TLC, you might be interested in some of this fun cat furniture.

Cat Furniture To Keep Your Cat Cozy

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatFurniture cat furniture

Modern Cat Scratcher and Lounger is one of my top picks. It offers elegant and sleek lines that really look good in a modern home but allows your cat to scratch and even lounge and relax the day away. It doesn’t take up much room at all, which is an added bonus if you have minimal space available.

A cat hammock is another fun idea for your furry friend. This hammock can be folded up and put away out of sight for when company comes, or you don’t want it out. It even has catnip scent to attract your cat to want to lay on it or scratch.

This jumbo lounger is great for anyone who has multiple cats, it offers more space for multiple cats to use at once. It is great for scratching and relaxing, two of your cat’s favorite things to do.

Cat Face Lounge Bed is a fun one if you want it to be a fun display piece. This is a neat bed in the shape of a cat face, which is unique and different. The ears offer support to help keep your cat on top of the head if they drift off to sleep.

Check out this contemporary cat bed tunnel is unique as well, it is a tunnel shape, so your cat can hide away inside and feel extra protected.

Another contemporary bed is this wooden leg cat bed, it sits up off the floor and still gives your home that style element you might not get from a classic cat bed.

If you have a room designated for your cat, sit this baza cat tree up by a window and watch your cat soak up the sun or sit and watch animals outside your window.

Don’t have any floor space for cat furniture? Check out this window perch that attaches directly to your window. Just have something near the perch that your cat can use to just onto the perch, like a couch or chair.

This eco-friendly wool cat bed just kills me, it is absolutely darling. I know your kitty will stay nice and toasty all curled up in this fun cat bed.

If your cat prefers to hide out check out this cat cave, it allows them to slip inside the opening and sleep inside a covered cave, and feel like they are hiding away from the world.

Does your cat have any cat furniture? If so what do you recommend to new owners?

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