Best Kitty Litter Mat to Prevent The Spread of Kitty Litter

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Cat litter on the carpet, furniture or throughout your home can be disgusting to find. When you are a cat owner you are on the hunt for the best kitty litter mats that will attract the litter like a magnet from your cat’s feet. So as soon as they leave their litter box their adorable paws are clean and free of kitty litter. Is there a perfect kitty litter mat? I have found a few you might be interested in trying!

best kitty litter mats

I have created a list of kitty litter mats that you might consider for your home. Now each mat offers a different take so you can decide what you feel fits your home and needs the best. I hope this list of mats will help guide you into finding the perfect kitty litter mat!

5 Best Kitty Litter Mats For Your Home 

best kitty litter mats

Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, Non-Toxic, XL Super Size

This is one of the most popular cat litter mats I have found. It offers an almost perfect 5-star rating with almost 5,000 reviews! This mat is extremely durable, as it is made from PVC material that won’t tear. It has deep grooves that are great for trapping up to 37% more litter than other cat litter mats out there. It is a nice large size, so it captures all the litter that gets tossed out of the box while you cat is working on finding the perfect spot. This cat litter mat is water resistant, so cleanup is a breeze. You can shake it off or vacuum the mat as well. It comes in a variety of colors to match the style of your home.

Smiling Paws Cat Litter Mat

The smiling paws cat litter mat is BPA Free, an odor-resistant mat is great for catching litter and messes your cat leaves behind. This is a non-slip material so it sticks well to the floor and won’t slide around. You can vacuum up the litter or take it outside and shake the mat off when you go to clean it. You can even hose down the mat if it needs a good washing. It is easy to clean and works great at keeping that litter trapped in the mat. It also offers a Lifetime warranty, so if something goes wrong they will replace it for free.

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat 

The Blackhole cat litter mat is a little bit different than other cat litter mats out there. It has two layers that catch all the litter that your cat carries out. The mat opens at the end, so every day or two you can lift the mat, open it and pour the kitty litter it has captured back into your litter box, or toss in the trash. You can hose off the mat to clean when needed. It can be a little bit harder to clean, but for some cat owners, they love this aspect of dumping the litter back in the litter box.

Two Meows Cat Litter Mat

The soft material that this Two Meows cat litter mat is made out of cleans your cat’s paws really well. It is nice and soft on your cat’s feet and works great at trapping in that cat litter. It is very durable, and you can shake it off or vacuum with ease. It is a bit smaller in size than other mats, but if you are limited on space this could be a good option for you. This one also offers a lifetime guarantee.

Pawkin Extra Large Cat Litter Mat

The Pawkins cat litter mat has a patent on its “Litter Lock” technology. It claims to be one of the softer mats on the market. It has a woven material to capture the cat litter pellets that get dropped any other items your cat carries out. You can wash or vacuum. Some customers said the kitty litter gets caught in the material, and you need a stiff brush or to stomp on the mat to break up litter and then vacuum. It works great at capturing the litter but can be a little hard to clean. This mat could be great for those who have cats who track a lot of litter. It is worth the cleaning time in that case.

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