5 Creative Cat Tree Alternatives – For Your Cat To Lounge On

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Here are some creative cat tree alternatives to buy for your home today! Traditional cat trees are very bulky and generally wrapped in a tough carpet or string, and sometimes they can be an eyesore. If you are looking for alternatives that might fit the style of your home, then check out these creative cat tree alternatives listed below.

Cat Tree Alternatives

Cats love to climb and lounge on cat trees, and even scratch to mark their territory. Having something for your cat to climb on and call their own is a wonderful mood booster for your feline friend. These alternatives are a great option if you don’t have a lot of room for a lounge area or you are looking for a more modern twist.

Modern Looking Cat Tree Alternatives 

Cat Tree Alternatives

Luxury Cat Hammock

Nothing says comfort more than a cat hammock for your kitty to lounge in. This offers a nice natural wood frame, that is very modern looking. You can assemble this very easily, and then place in any room of your home. Great for your cat to lounge the day away, and catch a few extra zzz’s! It also comes with a complementary cat toy, to help entertain your cat.

Cat Window Perch 

Nothing is more entertaining to most cats then sitting at a window staring out at the world. I swear our old cat Button would do that for hours on end, and I would wonder what she was looking at! Buy this cat window perch for your cat to lounge and nap on, while being able to look out the window and watch birds chirping, squirrels scurrying and more.

Solid Wood Cat Shelves

These solid wood cat shelves are stunning, and your cat will love pouncing and lounging on them.  It is no secret than any cat loves to climb and check out the world from a different angle. The wood on these makes for a very modern look, and if you hung a few of these on your wall it would be great for your cat to pounce from one to another.

Cat Cube 

This is somewhat similar to a cat tree just in a very smaller size. You can let your cat hop up to the top of the cat cube and lounge, or hide inside. You can easily fold it up or take it down if you don’t want it out when guests arrive. Very small and works for smaller areas.

Scratcher and Lounger 

I saw this scratcher and lounger and fell in love. This is so neat and is a modern statement piece to add to your home, where your cat can lounge, scratch and more. I love the unique curves that allow your cat to really maneuver and lay how they feel comfortable.

Do you prefer a classic cat tree or want to buy an alternative? 

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