Best Vacuum For Pet Hair Currently On The Market

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It can be super frustrating to vacuum and to turn around and see matted hair all over your carpet and floor, knowing your vacuum missed picking up a ton of cat hair. I wanted to share the best vacuum for pet hair available right now! Don’t live in your home with cat hair drifting across your hard wood floors or piles of hair collecting on your carpet and furniture! Tackle this issue once and for all.

best vacuum for pet hair

Even the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Needs to Be Maintained Properly

One key thing I will say with buying a vacuum is to make sure you clean the filters and dump out the canisters. When it gets full of cat hair and dirt, it won’t have as good of suction. The same thing goes for cleaning your filters. My Shark vacuum has a washable filter that once a month I take out and wash with warm soapy water, let dry and put back in. It is super simple to do but so many people don’t! If you don’t care for your vacuum it will begin to fail shortly after you start using it, so look through the manual when you get your vacuum to learn how to clean it and keep in tip-top shape.

best vacuum for pet hair

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair 

Upright Model 

Uprights are great for homes that have quite a bit of carpet. They have high-powered brush heads which are great for adjusting to the height of the floor, for when you go room to room. They also have larger dustbins which are great for not having to dump them as fast as other models of vacuums.

Dyson Ball Allergy –  This is a pricey vacuum but the suction power and quality are well worth it and makes it one of the best vacuums for cat hair. It can easily maneuver around your furniture, reach small areas, and has good attachments that you can use to vacuum your furniture, pet beds, and more. It has a very high-quality HEPA filtration system that works great for picking up microscopic dust particles and allergens. This is great for allergy sufferers to help remove that cat dander.

Shark Rotator NV752 – More affordable than the Dyson but just as powerful. I have a Shark and love it! You can vacuum on hard wood, laminate flooring, carpet and more. It works great at pulling up any dirt, pet hair, dust, and more away from your carpet and flooring. As with the Dyson, it offers a HEPA filtration system that traps 99.9% of dust and allergens.

Canister Model

The canister models are great for moving around a bit easier, compared to uprights. They generally have a more narrow body, which allows you to get into smaller spots. They are really great for multi-floor homes where you have to vacuum stairs. You can carry or pull it room to room to clean. They work great on hardwood floors as well, which makes them versatile!

Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly CrossOver 21814– This is a very nice vacuum, it works great at pulling up any cat hair that might be stuck on your floor, as well as dander and dust. It has a retractable cord, offers different speeds for the type of floor you will vacuum on, and swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to really move freely when you use it.

Miele Classic C1 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner– This vacuum is a bit on the higher end, but boy does it do its job! This is one lightweight vacuum that makes it easy to carry from room to room and offers 6 speeds. This is designed for pet owners, to help tackle the pet hair and allergens. It offers an Active AirClean filter system that will capture 99.9% of particles and allergens, as well as eliminate pet odor.  

Those are my top recommendations for the best vacuums for cat hair. Yes, you can find stick and handheld vacuums but I find they don’t work for larger living areas as well. What is the brand and model of vacuum you use that you think works well? Let me know in the comments!

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