How to Bond With A Cat Who is Older | From Adopting to Taking in a Stray

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A senior cat is considered to be seven years old and older. If you have recently adopted a senior cat or are considering it, you might benefit from learning these ways on how to bond with a cat who is older. Senior cats have a well-formed personalities and ways to live, and changing their atmosphere can be a little scary at first. 

How to Bond With a Cat

When we first moved out to the country, the old owners had left one of their cats here because it was wild. They tried coming and catching her the first month and never had success. We bought food and began feeding her. She was so wild you couldn’t even get close to her. The moment she saw one of us, she darted away as fast as possible. She is the prettiest Siamese cat I have ever seen, and I just wanted that chance to pet her.

After much time feeding her and talking to her in a calm voice, she slowly realized I was only here to help and love her. I finally was able to pet her after a year of working with her. So my advice to you is, don’t give up. If you show love and compassion, you can bond with a cat! They will see that you are good and begin to build trust with you. I was able to pet this cat after a year of her being petrified of me. If I can do that, you can do it too!

6 Effective Ways to Bond With A Cat

How to Bond With a Cat

Give The Cat Space

Make sure to give your senior cat the space he/she needs. Don’t try to get in their way and push to pet and love them. Let them come to you at their own pace. They have to build up trust and know you won’t hurt them. A lot of senior cats that get adopted have probably been through a lot and can be skittish. Just let them hide for awhile if that is what they feel comfortable doing.

Calm and Quiet Voice

Make sure to talk to them in a calm and loving manner with a quiet voice. They need to see that you are relaxed and that can cause them to relax as well. If you talk in a high pitched voice or yell or talk really loud it can give them quite a scare.

Scheduling Feedings to Bond with a Senior Cat

If you give your cat set times to eat by putting the food bowl out, they will learn that you are here to help and take care of them. They know that you are the one that is feeding them, opposed to leaving a dish with food out all the time. Now if you want to leave a bowl out so they can eat while you are away, go right ahead. This isn’t a must, some cat owners with cats that are pretty timid can benefit from this route.

Warm Place to Sleep

Whether you pile up a nice blanket, buy a cat bed, or whatever else, just give them a place that they can call their own. One great tip is that when you bring them home take a cardboard box and place a blanket or towel inside. Or if you get sent with some of their belongings like a towel that has their scent on it, your senior cat can sneak in the box to feel they are protected. Cats love boxes and they feel it is a private area, so this is always great.


Don’t think of it as bribing your senior cat, but giving them treats is a way to show you care. They will be thankful for the nice little nibbles and it can help you bond with a senior cat.

Pet Them

When your new feline friend comes up make sure to give them some attention. Pet them for awhile and even offer to play if your cat feels up to it. When your cat gets up to move don’t force him/her to stay and get petted.

At the end of the day, to bond with a cat, go by their pace in how they want to connect with you! You might have a cat that just begs for constant attention. With others, however, you have to earn every bit of it. Regardless, just love and accept your senior cats and enjoy your time with them!

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