12 One of A Kind Cat Accessories For The Bathroom

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If you are on the hunt for one-of-a-kind cat accessories for the bathroom, you will love the great finds below! I have gathered some really cute cat accessories to add some personality to your bathroom.

Whether you are on the hunt for a gift for a crazy cat lady or want to decorate your bathroom because you can’t live without cute cats at every turn! I have some really cute items below I think any cat lover would have to agree on!

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Bathroom Cat Accessories You Have To See

I love adding fun statement pieces throughout my home. Whether it is a cute quote on a sign, a colorful cat print, or even a shower curtain that displays fun cat silhouettes. Being able to make your house a home and represent your style is what it is all about. These fun ideas below might fit in your home perfectly!

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #BathroomAccessories cat accessories

 “Please Keep The Toilet Seat Down, So The Cat Won’t Drown

This sign is hilarious. Plus it also lets guests know you want the toilet seat down when they are done.

Cat Toilet Brush

Use this to hold your toilet brush in a fun cat-inspired decor. The wand handle will look like the cat’s tail! Great way to hide a yucky bathroom accessory.

 Toilet Seat Sticker

This so funny to me! Could you imagine opening up the toilet to see a cat image trying to pop through the toilet seat?

Black Cat Mat

This great for adding cushion and a safe place to stand after you get out of the shower! Fun and fits a ca theme!

 Fun Ceramic Cat Dispenser

Use this to store your hand soap so with every pump you can enjoy the adorable cat staring back at you.

Playful Cat Towels

Check out this collection that includes hand towels, washcloths, and bath towels. These cat accessories would be so cute to have out on display.

 Black and White Cat Shower Curtain

This one would be cute for any bathroom especially a little kids bathroom!

Yoga Posed Cat

This is actually a paper towel dispenser. Sit this on your counter so guests can wipe their hands in a fun way after they go to the bathroom!

Over the door cat hooks

These cat accessories are great for hanging up your robe or bath towels. I love the look of a cat hanging over the door holding your belongings.

 Tissue Dispenser

You have to see this adorable cat accessory for your bathroom. This will give everyone a laugh when they reach for a tissue. I love this tuxedo cat, it is really fun and playful.

  Toilet Roll Dispenser

What would complete a bathroom you ask? A cat toilet roll dispenser, that is what! If you love black cats, you will love this cat bathroom accessory.

Cat Drain Stopper

Catch your loose hair before it clogs the drain with this fun piece. Even your drains will be representing your love for your kitties!

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