Cat Blackheads – How to Help Your Cat With Skincare

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Did you know that cat blackheads are a real thing? Just like humans, cats can get blemishes on their skin. If you think that your cat may need a bit of help with their face, this post can help you understand what needs to be done.

can cats get blackheads?

Cat Blackheads – How to Help Your Cat With Skincare

Why do cats get blackheads?

Surprisingly, cats have oily skin. And just like our pores, their pores can become clogged with oil or other substances. Cat blackheads look like they do on human skins, so they’re actually quite easy to spot.

Is cat acne painful?

While it might be hard to know for certain if your cat is in pain, it’s probably a good guess that the area is tender or sore to the touch. Stop and think about how your face feels when you’re broken out or dealing with acne and blackheads…Cats have feeling in their face so there’s a good chance that they can feel those things as well.

Tips for Treating Cat Acne and Cat Blackheads

Please note that before you do anything to the acne or blackheads on your cat, ALWAYS contact a vet first to see what they would recommend. You don’t want to take the chance of inflaming it or making it infected.

photo of blackhead on cat's chin

  • Add a warm compress to the site of the blackhead

This can help the swelling to go down in the area and maybe offer a bit of pain relief to your furry friend. While it’s not always recommended, the blackhead may be able to come out on its own or with a little bit of help.

Again- don’t go squeezing away on your cats face until you consult with a vet. This can really irritate it and cause more issues if you’re not careful.

blackhead from cat

  • See if there is medication you can get from the vet

If your cat is suffering from serious acne, see if there is some sort of medication that you can get from the vet. They may have something that can help ease the pain and clear up the area quickly.

The good news about cat blackheads is that there are ways to help your cat recover quickly. While you may not be able to get rid of them all, you can take the steps to eliminate some of them from their face.

Talk to your local vet and see what they recommend as well. It’s actually quite common for cats to deal with acne and other skin care issues!

Have you ever noticed cat blackheads on your cat before?


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