Meow-Tastic Fall Cat Decor for the Home

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If you have a passion for cats and love to decorate your home with cat-themed items, you might be interested in these Fall themed cat decor items below. I love decorating my home with pumpkins, leaves, and all things burnt orange and cranberry color. This year, I thought, why not step out of the box and add a few fun cat decor items into the mix!

 Cat Themed Home Decor cat decor

Cat Decor To Dress Your Home Up For Fall 

We moved out to the country 2 years ago this month, so I am still working on adding and finding the perfect spots for my seasonal decorations. Our home is a lot larger than our old one in town, so I am slowly buying new items to help fill our home with the holiday spirit. This Fall, I found I had minimal decorations, so I thought why not venture to Amazon and see what I can find. We live in such a rural area that Amazon is my go-to shopping place. My orders get delivered to my door, and I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas to shop! Gotta love that! 

Black Cat Door Hanger

fall cat themed decor We recently painted our house, so I am in need of a new door hanger for Fall. The one I have doesn’t really fit the colors, and I saw this Monogram Black Cat Door Hanger, and thought it was adorable!

Fall Cat Decor Figurine

cat themed decor

The Fall is my Favorite Cat Figurine is adorable. Sit it by some pumpkins on your mantle and let your cat love fill the room! I love the cute smile on this cat’s face.

Black Cat Pumpkin Stands

cat themed decor These Black Cat Pumpkin stands are really fun. You could almost fit a pot in them and put some rich orange or burgundy colored mums in them to make it really stand out!

Scarecrow Cat Decor Stake

cat themed decor I love this Scarecrow Cat Stake,. You could put a small hay bale up with some pumpkins or mums around it, and stick this stake in the flower pot or the hay bale to add a fun look to your porch or yard.

Cats and Pumpkins Doormat

cat themed decor The Cats in Pumpkins Doormat is an adorable way to welcome new guests. I love the colors of this mat, very Fall themed.

Fall Harvest Cat Figurine

cat themed decor

If you enjoy decorating your table, you might like this Fall Harvest Cat Tabletop Figurine. Add some flowers or colorful leaves around it, and you have a beautiful centerpiece.

Fiber Optic Cat Themed Home Decor

cat home decor This Fiber Optic Cat Decor Piece will light up your home in a fun way. Place on a mantle, end table, or somewhere else in the home and plug it in and watch the pumpkin twinkle away.

Cat Throw Pillow

cat themed decor I thought this Orange Cat Throw Pillow was really fun. It can help add a pop of color to your living room in a fun cat- loving way!

Autumn Blessings Cat Sign

cat themed decor I have never seen a sign like this, it is the Autumn Cat Blessing sign. You can hang it on a wall, mantel or shelf to help dress up your home. I think it is so cute!

Do you tend to decorate your home with a cat theme? I think it can be a fun way to decorate a little differently!

Check out this cardboard cat furniture, too – it fits right in with the fall-themed cat decor!

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