Mobile Cat Grooming Services | Is It Worth It?

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If you are on the hunt for a professional mobile cat groomer there can be pros and cons. A mobile cat grooming service literally comes to you instead of you having to load your pet up and take them to a shop to get groomed. This can be a lot less stressful on your feline but it does have some pros and cons attached to the mobile grooming.

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Mobile Cat Grooming Services

Some cats need a lot of grooming to keep their fur from getting matted, which can be painful for both of you. But, taking the time to load your kitty up and take them in to get trimmed can be almost impossible. So now pet owners are turning to mobile cat grooming services that come to your home. Generally, these are vans that are loaded with their equipment.

We personally have never had to have a cat groomed. We have always had short haired cats through the years and would just brush them when needed. But, I do know long-haired cats require a lot more maintenance!

Pros of Mobile Grooming Services

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Stress On Cat

One of the biggest pros is if you have a cat that doesn’t like to travel. If your cat gets scared in new situations, suffers from car sickness or separation anxiety, this is a great option. It can make you precious feline feel a bit less stressed and not so overwhelmed.


The biggest pro is how easy it is to set an appointment and wait for them to come to you. They generally do early mornings and even later evening appointments like a salon would. So you don’t feel so boxed in with a 9-5 option.

Cons of Mobile Cat Grooming Services


You are paying a premium for convenience so don’t be shocked at the price when you pay the bill.  You will want to weigh the pros and cons to see if it’s worth the money.

Busy Street

 If you live on a busy street, frequent traffic noise could startle your feline. Mobile cat grooming services carry all their gear and perform their services in the vehicle.

Small Work Area

Grooming this way does involve small working quarters. You might not get to see how they are treating your cat as they get groomed. Some groomers have a viewing window while others don’t. Because it is so small inside they don’t allow owners to come watch.

As you can see there are just a couple pros and cons to debate. You might think of other pros or cons as well. It’s something only you can decide if it is worth it.

How to Find A Mobile Pet Groomer

I suggest asking friends and family and then searching online. You might find a few options and I suggest reading reviews. Look for a company Facebook page and check the reviews to see if clients are happy.

I hope this helps you consider if this is a good option for you,

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