Pampering Pets To Make Them Feel Loved

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Your cat may be the center of your world, and pampering pets to make them feel loved is only natural when they give you the best companionship you could ask for! Moreover, they give you love, endless attention, and so much more. Just like us, cats love to be pampered, and I believe every pet owner should make sure their pet feels loved!

We live in the country and have quite a few cats! One of them, named Whiskers, is in love with my son. Anytime he gets by him, he just plops down right in front of him wanting to be petted and loved on. If we go outside to play and walk around on our land, Whisker follows us everywhere!

He will even hop in the stroller and ride along if we are pushing Clay around!  He is the friendliest cat we have ever had! Sometimes our little boy trips over him, and it doesn’t even phase the cat! Needless to say, pampering pets to keep them happy goes a long way!

Pampering Pets Shows Them Your Love

Did you know that your feline has feelings similar to humans? Most people know this to be true of dogs and other pets, but cats also react to our sadness, the loss of a human or animal friend, and more. They are very complex, and it is important to love them and show them your love! Read on for a variety of ways that pampering pets like cats really makes their day. Some pampering methods don’t even cost a thing!

Play with Your Cat

Whether you have cat toys, a string or ball to toss around, make sure to take time and play with your cat. It is in their DNA to play and pounce around. Play time is also is a great way for cats to get some exercise in!

Perch By the Window

Cats love to observe and see what is going on outside, especially if they can see a bird flying around outside. Consider placing a perch by a window for your cats to hop on so that they can look outside. You cats can find entertainment this way when you are away from home or at work.

Scratching Post

Create or buy a scratching post for your kitty! Scratching is great for cats as a way to maintain their claws, and also to stretch out. They sometimes even scratch the floor, so you can prevent this with a scratching post. Cats love to stretch really big. You will know this if you have ever watched a cat when they wake up.

Petting and Brushing

Cats love to be petted and sometimes brushed – no surprise there. Make sure to give your cat ample time every few days for a good brushing or petting!

Bathing Wipes

Grab these Burt’s Bees Dander Wipes! They are made in the US and are cruelty-free. They are wipes that your feline friend will love to be petted with, and they help remove dander. So it is a win-win for both parties!

Cat Bed

Facts About Orange Tabby Cats pamper your cat

Get your cat a really nice comfy cat bed for them to nap and lounge in. Most cats love to be comfy, and you can find them curled up in your bed, so why not get them their own bed.


Cats are curious by nature. If you have ever left a box out, you might find your cat curled up inside. Get a box or container and set out for them to play with.

Indoor Grass Garden

If your cat is only indoors, consider making a little indoor garden. It can be a little oasis for them to enjoy the texture and smell of grass. You can plant it in a tub and move it indoors and out to get some light to help it grow. Bermuda is one of the most popular grasses cats seem to enjoy!


Who doesn’t love a good treat! Make sure to give your furry friend a treat here or there so they can enjoy a tasty little snack!

Water Fountain

Did you know you can buy a water fountain for your cat? It has a water bowl that runs like a waterfall, providing fresh water for your cat to drink. Pampering pets can be as simple as having fresh water available. If you don’t want to splurge on a water fountain, then just change out their water at least once a day!

Big Cat Box

Giving your cat a nice big litter box to use is surprisingly something that they would love. They want room and a clean litter box! Make sure to clean it daily, and give them the cleanliness we would want!

As you can see, the simplest things can be ways to pamper your cat. Making sure they have fresh water, treats, toys to entertain themselves with and more are what your cat wants! Just spoil them a little, and let them know how special they are! Cats love attention!

How do you pamper your feline friend?

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