Cat Hacks Every Crazy Cat Lady Needs to Know

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These cat hacks are fun and easy to do! If you own a cat or kitty, you need to know these tips!

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you I’ve always loved cats. I’ve had cats from the time I was a toddler until now, and I don’t ever see that changing. So as a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, I’ve learned a thing or two about making life with cats easier.

Here are some of the best cat hacks we’ve found to make our finicky felines a little happier. You’ll want to check out our favorite DIY cat toys , too!

15 Genius Cat Hacks!

Cat Hacks Every Crazy Cat Lady Needs to Know

I love litter box cat hacks! Hack an IKEA basket for the most attractive looking litter box EVER! Seriously, I’d never have known a litter box was inside there. To help your cats get used to an enclosed litter box, you can leave the top of the basket open for a few days.


Is your furniture getting clawed to shreds? Make your own cat deterrent spray using water, essential oils, and dish liquid. It’s easy to make and will stop your cat from ruining your sofa. Cat hacks that keep these furry friends in line are super useful.

Cat Deterrent Spray

Keep cat food fresher and make it easier to pour with this cat food hack: keep it in a drink pitcher! No more fussing with those annoying cat food bags!

cat food hack

Hack some IKEA doll beds like this clever Reddit user did to make cat bunk beds. How cute is that?


Use a rubber glove to remove cat hair from furniture. This hack makes it so much easier than trying to lint roll an entire sofa — believe me! And here’s more cool cat hair removal hacks.


Indoor cats don’t often need baths, but if you have to wash your kitty on a rare occasion, don’t put her in the bathtub unless your cat loves water.

The tub looks like a huge abyss of water to her, and can be frightening to a small cat! Instead, give your cat a bath in a smaller container like a basin or baby tub so she will be less likely to flail around.


More Cat Hacks!

Our cat is never really interested in the outdoors, but she does like some grass to nibble on now and then. Cat grass is a kitty-safe plant you can grow without dirt!

Just fill a vase or bowl with some growing stones using this technique to grow it indoors.


Any cat would be lucky to have an indoor grass lounge. Look at how happy Truffles looks here!


Apparently, there’s something immensely entertaining about whacking your food around when you eat it… at least that’s what my cat does. So what does that mean? During feed time, little pieces of cat food are everywhere. A cat food tray is an excellent way to keep those little nuggets of food corralled!

Cat Food Tray

Add pieces of carpet to shelves to create a cat tree that looks more like decor than an amusement for your kitty.

Cat Lounge Shelf

Speaking of amusement, if your cat has seemed a little, well… bored lately, try this ping pong balls in water trick. The ball jumps around on the surface of the water, and the movement is interesting to curious kitties!

Cat Entertainment

And Even More Cat Hacks!

Has your cat litter scoop seen better days? I totally know the feeling! You can make a new one anytime you need to if you have a milk jug on hand. Use a hole punch to add some sifting holes to the milk jug cat litter scoop if you use clumping litter.

Milk Jug Cat Litter Scoop

This clever cat mama modified a cabinet to create a DIY litter cabinet to house the litter box as well as the cat food and treats. She keeps this cabinet in the laundry room where it’s totally out of the way. Smart!

Now I’m wishing we had a laundry room instead of a laundry closet so I could do the same.

DIY Litter Cabinet

Is your kitty the type to act like she wants to be petted, but the moment you do, your hand gets bitten? A self-scratcher for cats can be the perfect solution! Install firm bristled brushes around the legs of a table, and your kitty is all set with getting all the face scratching she wants, even when you’re not there.

Self-Scratcher For Cats

A sifting litter box hack is so helpful! Drill holes in a smaller litter box pan, set it inside the larger one, and when it’s dirty, sift it. I use another plastic litter box here instead of a disposable foil pan, but that’s because my kitty doesn’t like foil.

Litter Box Hack

One other hack that I’ve been hearing people talk about lately is that they are starting to use more earth-friendly products in their litter box rather than litter. I’m not as certain on this one as I should be, but talk to your local pet store or vet and see what they have to say.

Think outside the box on simple cat hacks that you can do! Cats really aren’t picky about a lot of things as long as you find a way to feed them, pet them and take care of them.

One other thing that works well for kittens that are you bottle feeding is to remember to wrap them up gently so that their little claws don’t scratch you! When they’re trying to learn how to nurse with a bottle, they are constantly working those paws!

Do you have a smart cat hacks to share? Let us know!

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